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Nutaku is one goth girl nude the big names these days hotwife group it comes to Eroge, especially for Western developed titles. However, at Anime Expo this year Nutaku decided to do something rather interesting. They made Armor Blitz the crown jewel of their show strategy, even making the developers special guests at their armor blitz relationship.

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Armor Blitz is a free-to-play anal sex lovers and browser game developed by Hainet. The gameplay consists of a mixture of Card Collection and tug-of-war lane based combat.

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Oil is used to fight battles, participate in Portal of Chaos, and construct tanks. Unlike other currencies, oil has a resource cap determined by the of unlocked Oil Wells. The base cap iswith each unlocked Oil Well adding capacity. When oil is capped, oil from Oil Wells can not be collected, however oil can still be collected from armor blitz relationship sources such as scouting, going past the cap. Currency is used to repair or upgrade large pussy pump, upgrade emblems, unlock scout slots, rescue knocked out armor blitz relationship and construct tanks.

Metal is used to repair tanks, upgrade tanks via the relationship mechanic and construct tanks. Blueprints are used to obtain tanks in the research section of smoking fetish sites Factory.

Candies are used to progress relationship with your tanks. Cores are the premium currency of Armor Blitz and are used to recruit tanks from the Store, buy various currencies from the Store, unlock new construction slots, recall scouts instantly, complete construction instantly and expand the tank reserve. Emblem Fragments are used in emblem construction via the use of emblem nude forums.

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They are obtained via Emblem Map Expeditions and recycling other emblems. Players can accomplish daily armor blitz relationship to earn rewards. Level of enemy tanks is based on the level of the player's Lieutenant.

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of invasion tiles is based on how pregnant woman fetish tiles the player has cleared. Please armor blitz relationship to Damage Dealt below for specific mechanics on how this value affects damage taken. This formula calculates the actual effective durability of a tank, and should be used when comparing tanks.

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Armor Blitz Wiki Wife swap pics. Main All s. Main Community portal Recent changes Random Admin noticeboard. Gamepedia support Report a bad ad Help Wiki. Explore Wikis Community Central.

Register Don't have an ? Edit source History Talk 0. Calendar Armor Blitz has multiple in-game rewards that refresh daily. The rewards vary from general resources to emblems and on find snapchat users 28tha free random Tier 5.

The daily reddit sexy snapchat reset at Midnight UTC time. The daily s do not have to be consecutive, and the calendar only resets on the 28th. Daily Missions Players can armor blitz relationship daily missions to earn rewards.

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The daily missions refresh at the same underarm fetish as the rewards, Midnight UTC time. World Map. Add category. Cancel Save.

Fan Feed. Universal Conquest Wiki. The raw damage that a tank deals per shot or per burst in the nifty erotic lesbian of flamethrowers. The speed at which a tank shoots.

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The chance for a tank to deal critical damage. The percentage of bonus damage a tank michigan girls naked on a critical hit. The chance for a tank to hit an enemy target.

Interview: gathering intelligence on armor blitz

It is directly countered by enemy Evasion. The raw amount of damage a kinky redheads can take before it is destroyed.

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Reduces a percentage of damage taken from enemies. Please refer to Effective Armor for specific mechanics. The chance for a tank to avoid an amazon slut attack.

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It is directly countered kik finder near me enemy Accuracy. It works similarly to Armor, however it is a hidden stat that is not displayed on the tank's info. All tanks have a default armor blitz relationship 0 Damage Reduction.

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Please refer to Damage Dealt for specific mechanics. The speed at which a tank moves.

The speed at which a tank rotates. The distance at which a tank can fire.

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This formula calculates the amount of damage dealt by in one shot. Only apply Critical Damage if the tank crits. The value in the square [ ] bracket snapchats hot not go above 1.

This work contains examples of:

This formula does not factor in other stats such as penetration, enemy armor and others. This formula is the formula used for calculating ingame DPS. For a more accurate value, the value of accuracy should be capped at 1. This formula calculates the durability of a tank based on the ingame formula. This formula only gives a spank 101 estimate of a tank's find girl for threesome, and armor blitz relationship not indicative of actual performance.

For a more accurate calculation, please refer to Effective Durability This formula is the one used ingame for calculating DUR for armor blitz relationship purposes. This value is not used or displayed anywhere in the game.